Covid 19

Covid 19 – at Lockholme Bed and Breakfast

We love welcoming you to our B&B and giving you a lovely memorable experience.
Currently, we are in a fast moving situation, things are changing from day to day, and we want you to stay safe.
We are providing lots of COVID19  information in the hope you are reassured that we will be working hard to make your stay with us as lovely as usual, but as safe as possible.
Listed below are lots of the things we have always carried out. Good hygiene standards have always been essential to our working, but now it does feel important to mention all the relevant steps we are taking to maintain being  COVID19 Stay Safe.
Exposure to others is limited to ourselves, as we do not employ anyone else, and generally no more than 6 other guests whilst inside the House.
For the time being, each Guest Room will be allocated their own individual Breakfast Room or Garden Room area.
Therefore there will be no communal lounge area to use.

Please check for regular updates as things may change!

COVID 19  STATEMENT – at Lockholme Bed and Breakfast

Here at Lockholme Bed and Breakfast, we are a husband and wife team, working together. Firstly,we want to reassure you that the health and safety of our guests is paramount at all times. Also, we will be constantly striving to reduce the risk from Covid19 to our guests and ourselves, by following all relevant government guidelines and assessing the services we provide.

What we are doing at Lockholme Bed and Breakfast


1. Hand sanitising gel will be available in the Hallway, Landing & Dining Areas.
2. The distancing rules will be observed by us at all times.
3. Rooms will be cleaned and aired between guests, all hard surfaces, keys, equipment etc, sanitised with appropriate EN standards antiviral cleaner.
4. All Linen is washed on the premises at high temperatures with added Laundry Sanitiser.
5. Towels, mattress covers & pillow protectors washed at high temperatures  with added Laundry Sanitiser.
6. Rotation of bedding, soft furnishings that can’t be washed between guests, for a period of quarantine.
7. Antibacterial soap available in all en suites.
8. Rooms will not be serviced during your stay, unless necessary.
     There will be a process for top up of consumables and exchange of used items for washing.
9.  All Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware washed in a dishwasher at 60*+ with a recommended detergent.
10. All door handles, banisters and other ‘touch points’ regularly cleaned with antiviral cleaner.


11. Additional tables and Breakfast areas will be provided.
12. Breakfast will be fully served with appropriate safety procedures.
13. Paperless where ever possible.
14. Contactless payments if possible.
15. PPE will be used where appropriate, following all applicable guidelines.
16. Guests will be requested to adhere to distancing rules when walking round the property.
17. We will still be having  face to face contact with our guests, according to distancing guidelines. Guests can also contact us via phone & message.
18. There may be some other services we are unable to offer, or that are altered, for the safety of our guests and ourselves.
19. Guests are asked to adhere to Government COVID 19 Guidelines at all times on our property.
20. Guests asked to ensure distancing measures are observed with ourselves and other guests, in the common areas such as the hallway and the stairs. which will require a wait and let pass system.
21. Vision of the Hallway and landing from the stairs is good, so usual courtesy is all that is required to ensure distancing in these areas.
22. As the Government requires details of ALL guests for the track and trace system, we will ask you for this information on arrival.


We have no distancing restrictions with regard to the preparation of food, so our usual delicious full menu is available. But we will be asking guests to book a breakfast slot and pre-order, so we can operate safe serving.

Our Health

  1. On dates where Lockholme Bed and Breakfast is operational, standard terms and conditions apply to cancellations in the event that you are disinclined to travel due to any risks you deem associated with Corona Virus.
  2. If you feel unwell before your visit, please get in touch with us before you travel.
  3. Should you need to cancel due to showing symptoms of Corona Virus, normal cancellation terms will apply.
  4. Should you show signs of Corona Virus during your stay at Lockholme Bed and Breakfast, you should seek appropriate medical advice immediately. Where it is safe to do so you should return to your primary residence. The balance of your stay will be due in full. In the unlikely event you need to self-isolate at Lockholme Bed and Breakfast, you will be responsible for all costs related to your stay, including but not limited to, additional nights accommodation, costs of rooms unable to be let due to your self-isolation, additional food costs, professional contract cleaning of the room and property following your departure.
  5. If we, the owners of Lockholme Bed and Breakfast, fall ill with suspected Covid19, the establishment must close immediately.
  6. We will be following Government Guidelines at all times.
                                                                                                                  Stay Safe at Lockholme
Thank you Chrissie and Joe